dymontiger (dymontiger) wrote,

Животные - члены семьи

Забавные фотографии владельцев и их питомцев из семейных альбомов.

Pussy galore: This tough guy shows he's really just a big softie who likes kittens

Caught: You're not going anywhere!

Fish's eye view: She's got their whole world in her hands

Now who's top cat? I'm not getting off you until you stop grunting like a pig! Oh, wait?

Tea or tweet? Pretty fly (for a white guy)

Cats eyes: So that's why the dishwasher was making a purring sound!

Face to face: Proof that love must really be blind!

Those eyes: Who can say no with eyes staring back at you like this kitty-cat?

Rabbiting on: Looks like they have a plan for that rabbit!

Ginger Tom: It's hard to tell when cats are happy isn't it?

Tags: Живность, Фото
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