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Собака присматривает за младенцем, словно няня

Сиба-ину по кличке Зеро не отходит от новорожденной малышки ни на шаг.

С самого рождения у маленькой девочки по имени Ривер появился преданный друг.

Watchful eye: Zero, an adorably protective Shiba Inu, has charmed the internet for his habit of watching over his owner's two-week old daughter River at all times

Собака породы сиба-ину проводит с малюткой все свое свободной время. Зеро не просто наблюдает, как двухнедельную Ривер пеленают и кормят. Он по-настоящему ее охраняет и при любой возможности пытается нежно прижаться, пишет The Dayli Mail.

Guardian: Whether River is napping, being cradled or having her diaper changed, Zero is never very far away

Первыми фото настоящей дружбы поделилась мама Ривер в своем профайле на Imgur. Менее чем за неделю снимки просмотрели около полумиллиона раз.

Special friends: In a post shared on Monday, Prolificsalo wrote: 'We just had a new baby two weeks ago. My dog has decided that she is his and stays as close as he can to her at all times'

Inseparable: One of the pictures shows River napping on the floor, with Zero curled up right next to her

Attentive: Zero gazes lovingly at River while she lies down near some toys, oblivious to her watchful protector

Animal instinct: Prolificsalo's post has had 1,534 responses since it was shared on Monday, with many commenters writing that their dogs behaved in similar ways with their children

On the lookout: Zero even keeps a watchful eye over River when she has her diaper changed

Loyal pets: Zero is one of two litter mates owned by Prolificsalo and her husband; his sister's name is Ichi
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